Tailored content

  • Video Tutorials

    Learn from the experts with engaging video content to teach you the basics.

  • Articles

    Useful text guides to strengthen your understanding and learning.

  • Quizzes

    Consolidate your knowledge with short quizzes that allow you to demonstrate your new skills and earn a badge on your profile.


  • Who can enrol in Bubble Academy modules?

    The Bubble Academy is open to all approved sitters on Bubble. If you're approved and are struggling to access the modules please reach out to us at support@joinbubble.com.

  • Do I have to complete all the courses in one go?

    No – The Bubble Academy is totally flexible, it's up to you when you want to do the modules and you can go at your own pace.

  • Do I have to pay to take the courses?

    No, our courses are free of charge for sitters on Bubble.

  • What happens if I fail a test?

    If you fail a test, we'd advise you to revisit the material before you progress onto the next module.

  • How do I get The Bubble Academy badge on my profile?

    In order to optimise your profile further and gain The Bubble Academy badge, you need to watch the training modules on Safeguarding, First Aid Basics, and Behavioural and successfully complete (100%) all of the quizzes for each of these.

  • How are the courses delivered?

    Our courses are made up of a mixture of video and written content to suit different learning styles.